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An exciting new initiative in cardiovascular care in Health Care First, providing expert guidance to colleagues and patients alike


About Us

The HCF cardiology team comprises of  highly motivated individuals led by Dr Murad Khan GP with Special Interest in Cardiology. We are championing and innovating 4 areas of cardiac care.​

Sarah Childe is an advance nurse practitioner spearheading the Palpitation service, with unique home monitoring devices.​

Dr Siobhan Waldron has a keen interest in managing raised cholesterol and its associated complications.​

Dr khan is striving to identify and manage people with high blood pressure before it causes any harm.

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Looking at the rise in cardiac complications in West Yorkshire and our local population, we decided to overhaul the cardiac care in 4 domains.

Palpitation: we are now starting to carry out home monitoring for early detection with hand held devices to diagnose Heart electric problems in the comfort of your own home.​​

Cholesterol: Patients at risk of heart disease are being identified and their medication and cholesterol levels are being checked, with plans to make contact via letter or text message regarding proposed changes to medication if required.

High blood pressure : It is the biggest pandemic facing cardiology care, we have designed new testing and management pathways with home monitoring and medication to go hand in hand with lifestyle changes. Again some of you will be contacted if you are found to have high and suboptimal BP control.

Heart failure : Care of this condition has been stagnant for a number of years due to lack of medical advancements but things have changed now .We have new medication, new devices and more understanding of how to deal with the condition. We are already starting to optimize medication, finding people at risk of deterioration and getting them early intervention to avoid further complications and hospital admissions.



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Blood Pressure

High blood pressure remains the biggest cardiological problem facing modern society. 

The key is early detection, aggressive lifestyle management and choosing the right medication for the patient.

We are also focusing on patients under 30 years of age with high BP as often there is an underlying cause which needs early detection.

We are improving access to BP monitoring, supporting home BP monitoring, looking out for early signs of harm from BP and providing support with expert medication reviews.


Palpitation is a term given to feeling of heart thumping in the chest, majority of times it is because of irregular heart rhythm and mostly is not dangerous, but on some occasions it can be due to an electrical problem, the key is early detection and differentiating between the benign vs serious causes.

We are running a pilot currently with hand held ECG devices that patients can use at home to record their ECG. It is an efficient way for diagnosing and reassuring patients.

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Cholesterol is fats in the blood which block arteries in the brain and the heart. Cholesterol is produced when we consume fatty foods and don't do much exercise but it can also be produced by the liver.

We aim to work towards a preventive strategy with early detection of high risk groups, supporting lifestyle measures and using effective low side effect medication.

Heart Failure

Heart failure is a condition that is signified by weakness of heart muscle leading to shortness of breath , difficulty exercising and usually is a result of previous heart attack, High BP or Heart valve disease.

We aim to provide a unique mix of optimizing medical care, supporting lifestyle changes and  sign posting patients to hospital care before they get worse.

We have setup a working partnership with consultants in Midyorks hospital to provide a package of care unlike any in the country.



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Meet The Team


Siobhan waldron

GP determined to Reduce cardiovascular risk in  the community by tackling raised cholesterol

Murad khan

GP with special interest in Cardiology architect of this new initiative

Sarah Childe

Advanced nurse practitioner in charge of running the palpitations service



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